Test Cycle Controller

The Test Cycle Controller controls groups of motors running cycles of Start/Stop, Continuous Run, and Bearing Wear.

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Test Cycle Controller                               Driver Tab                                      Edit Groups Tab

tcc_controller                       tcc_driver_tab                       tcc_edit_groups_tab

Group Setup Tab                                           Test Tab

tcc_group_setup_tab                            tcc_test_tab

Download a Data Sheet.


  • Controls number of test cycles run by each group of motors
    • Programmable test cycle: Start/Stop, Continuous run, Bearing wear
    • Up to 10 motor groups running independent tests with 1 to 32 motors per group
  • Supports 4 chassis for testing up to 32 motors on one PC
  • Group Number, Status, Speed, and Run current displayed for each motor
  • Built-in instrumentation measures motor data and stores them in Excel data files:
  • Data stored once-per-cycle (Cycle Data File):
        • Time stamp
        • Speed sample
        • Run current sample at full motor speed
        • Start revolutions
        • Stop revolutions
        • Stop time
        • Cycle number
        • Cycle status (complete, errors)
  • Data stored every 200mS during cycle (Interval Data File):
        • Time stamp
        • Speed
        • Run current
        • PWM
        • Cycle number
  • Save group configuration file