3400A SmartDriver Board

3400A Driver 33400A Spindle Motor SmartDriver Board

For OEM Applications

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  • Unique design:
    • Unidirectional closed loop motor quick start: Zero reverse motor rotation
    • Active Brake for quick motor stop
    • Step mode for indexing the motor at zero speed
      • Requires external step & direction signals
      • Possible slight reverse rotation when mode is engaged
    • Constant current ramp for rapid start time while providing motor protection
    • Over-current and lock rotor protection: Virtually eliminates motor or driver damage
    • Automatic retries for motor stalls
    • Speed control: High-resolution for accuracy and precision with or without load
    • 100 kHz pwm current regulator for better speed control
    • Very low once-per-rev jitter typically <1uS
    • Motor speed: Maximum 30krpm+
  • Programmable motor power supply
    • 3-24V, 0-4A output
    • Better than +/-1% full-scale voltage output adjustment accuracy
  • Easy to Use:
    • Setup through a simple PC program
    • Operate the motor through PC program or use stand-alone
  • Easy integration into your test environment:
    • Pluggable headers for power, motor, communication and IO allows for quick modular installation
    • Corner mounting holes on 100mm x 170mm pc board
    • Communicate through a standard USB port using included RS232 adaptor
    • Includes SmartDriver Configuration Utility, LabVIEW Library with example code, and a Windows DLL
  • Communications Port functions:
    • Motor Configuration for Speed; Motor poles; Max drive current; Over-current limit: start and run; Time limit expired: start, ramp, lock
    • Motor Control Commands for Run; Step; Coast; Brake; Stop; Clear errors; Reset
    • Data Query for Run current; Speed; State: off, stepping, starting, ramping locking, locked, active brake, coasting, braking; Over-current limit error: step, start, run; Time limit expired error: start, ramp, lock