SmartDriver Configuration Utility

The SmartDriver Configuration Utility is used to create motor configurations for RockLogic’s BLDC spindle motor drivers.

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        Control                                        Start Time Test                      Motor Configuration

sdcu_control                  SmartDriverConfigUtilityStartTime                sdcu_motor_config

Driver Configuration                  Driver Current Test                     Trip Current Test

sdcu_driver_config                 sdcu_drive_current_test                 sdcu_trip_current_test

Download a Data Sheet.


  • Configure SmartDriver for a specific motor
    • Motor configuration name
    • Motor voltage
    • Start parameters
  • Trip current
  • Drive time
  • Drive current
    • Run parameters
      • Speed
      • Maximum current
      • Poles
      • P and I gains
      • Speed ranges
    • Active brake current
    • Over-current limits
    • Maximum time limits
  • View Motor Data
    • Speed
    • Run current
    • Phase current
    • Ramp / Lock / Stop time
    • Real-time chart showing Speed, Run current and Phase current
  • DAQ Interface and control tools
    • Trip Current Test and Drive Current Test simplify adjusting Start parameters
    • Start Time Test accurately measures motor start time
  • Save motor configuration file