At RockLogic, we use smart engineering to create smart solutions. And smart solutions are key to our customers’ success.

By incorporating smart engineering, methodology, and innovation into the design of all our products, RockLogic is leading the way with the highest level of features of any spindle motor drivers and test equipment on the market today.

RockLogic’s Spindle Motor SmartDrivers and Test Systems are loaded with State-of-the-Art features:

  • Easy to use
  • Quick setup: Pre-defined configuration files
  • All digital design: no variation between drivers
  • Low speed jitter: <1uS
  • Motor voltages from 0 to 24VDC
  • Motor currents up to 4A
  • Fast motor start: unidirectional closed-loop start and constant current ramp
  • Fast motor stop: automatic active brake
  • Motor speeds up to 30K RPM
  • Reliable operation: automatic torque-constant measurement compensates for changes in motor characteristics
  • Save motor parameters/driver setup to a configuration file
  • LabVIEW Library